Star Students

September Star Students

Libby Elementary would like to recognize September’s Star Students! The students were chosen using the following criteria: Attitude - The student tries to contribute to a positive atmosphere). Accomplishments - The student is dedicated to achieving a personal goal. Commitment - The student always tries his/her best to succeed. Character - The student always presents himself/herself as a positive role model. Effort - The student shares in the responsibility for making school a positive place. Enthusiasm - The student is always supportive of others striving for success. Excellence - The student accepts no less.

LaKrystal Sanders, is a second grader and the daughter of Kenya Sanders and Larry Sanders Jr. She is a hard worker, a good listener, and always follows the Libby rules. Her teacher describes her as a problem solver. She tries her best at everything and never gives up, even when she doesn't know the correct answer. LaKrystal’s favorite school subjects are reading and math. Her hobbies include cheering, drawing, and experimenting.

Lorenzo Escobedo, is a second grader and the son of Lorenzo and Karina Escobedo. Lorenzo’s favorite school subject is math and science. He enjoys playing soccer and video games.

Khadence Haynes, is a third grader and the daughter of Chris and Melissa Derby; and Antoine Haynes. Khadence comes to school each day with a big smile and is ready to learn something new. Her favorite school subject is Math. She enjoys cheering, gymnastics and art. She also enjoys playing volleyball and basketball.

Samantha Salazar, is a second grader and the daughter of Jose and Heather Salazar. Samantha’s favorite school subject is Science. She enjoys playing video games with her brothers. 

Rylee Roberts, is a second grader and the daughter of Lee and Ashley Roberts. She enjoys riding her bike, swimming, and spending time with her parents. She also likes to color and draw.

Case Bourg, is a second grader and the son of Justin and Hannah Bourg. Case is a perfect example of a Star Student- he gives his full effort in everything he does. He is kind and helpful to others. Case always follows The Libby Way! His favorite school subject is Math. His hobbies include riding horses, roping calves, and going to church. 

Mickael Griffin, is a third grader and the son of Michael and Cindy Griffin. Mickael’s teacher says his behavior is exemplary and he is a great role model for her class. He helps out any way that he can and he gets along well with everyone. Mickael’s favorite subject is Math. He enjoys drawing, swimming, and playing video games.

Bladimir Lopez, is a third grader and the son of Azucena Najera and Miguel Lopez. Bladimir’s teacher says that he is a wonderful student and she can always count on him to be on task. He has a great attitude about learning and always working hard to do his best. Bladimir is very kind and helpful to his classmates. His favorite school subject is Reading, He also enjoys Soccer.

Anna Duke, is a second grader and the daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Duke. Her favorite school subject is Math. Anna’s hobbies include doing gymnastics and dance. She also enjoys art, playing the piano, and reading.