School buses rank as the safest form of transportation
with one (1) fatality every 500 million miles traveled. 
That's 20 thousand times around the earth!


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  • CISD covers 620 square miles.

  • CISD bus routes cover 2,161 miles each day.

  • CISD has 69 buses.

  • The longest route is 131 miles and picks up the first child at 5:50 AM.

  • Our entire fleet of buses is diesel and all have air conditioning.

  • CISD has 46 other vehicles in addition that we maintain(cars, suv's, trucks, vans).

  • CISD has 30 regular bus routes, 3 special needs routes, 3 non-commercial activity buses and 7 commercial activity buses.

  • There are a total of 61 employees in the Transportation Department.

  • The average daily ridership is approximately 1,256.

Dear Parents and Student Bus Riders,

The Transportation department is made up of a group of drivers that are dedicated to transporting the students of Carthage ISD to and from school daily. Without this dedicated group of drivers, many of the students in Carthage would not have this service. Parents should take time to read and discuss the materials in the handbook with their children.

Riding the school bus is NOT A RIGHT, BUT A PRIVILEGE provided by the school district and should be treated as such in order to maintain the privilege. This service is provided to eligible riders in our district. An eligible rider is one who resides in the district.

The school district is pleased to be able to provide transportation for its student population; however, proper behavior will be expected and students who do not follow the rules will be dealt with according to this handbook and the Student Code of Conduct. Please review the discipline consequences for each infraction committed by the student. Students are subject to the rules and regulations of the Student Code of Conduct and the Bus Rider Handbook. The expectations of the students on the bus are the same as in the classroom. If the school bus is the only way that your child has to get to school, please impress upon them the need for following the rules.

The information sheet must be completed and returned to the driver within (5) days after your child receives it. Students who do not return this acknowledgement will not be allowed to board the bus until it is sign and returned.

Special note: Intentionally disrupting the transportation of students is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. (Class C Misdemeanor). Parents/guardians, will not confront the driver or other students by boarding the bus in any manner. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.

We sincerely appreciate your help and cooperation in the safe transportation of your children.

Carthage ISD Transportation Department